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We help component manufacturers grow their businesses with better design tools.

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Founded in 1984, we understand that every business needs more time in the day. Our approach is simple. Adapt to the needs of every component manufacturer we work with to customize and simplify, so you have more time to build.

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Truss & Panel Design Software

From single family residential jobs, large multifamily developments, light commercial structures to large agricultural projects; the TrueBuild® Suite will provide the most dependable design and engineering software solutions.

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Connector Plates

Eagle Metal connector plates are well known throughout the industry for their strength, cost effectiveness, and ease of installation. Our connector plates are manufactured with the highest quality steel.

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We work hard to meet the unique needs of every customer. If there is any way that we can serve you, please let us know. To place your order or order online from the customer portal.

Good products for good, hard working folks makes for good business.


Over 30 years in the field means we understand the industry. We adapt to the needs of every component manufacturer we work with, customizing and simplifying.


Since our founding, our faith has played an integral role in the way we serve our industry and our dedication to doing things the right way. Integrity is everything.


Hard work, grit and determination have led us to engineer solutions that help our partners build more efficiently and reduce bottom lines.


Our products are engineered, tested, and proven right here in the United States of America. For over 30 years, Eagle Metal has represented a commitment to strength.

Tom Whatley
Tom Whatley

“Eagle Metal is a group of professionals who share two core values: A warrior’s spirit to work hard, innovate and persevere; a servant’s heart to treat others with respect and always give that something extra in helping every customer succeed.”


More than a partnership.

Our customers provide exceptional service. We’re just following their lead.

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Cussewago Truss

"Eagle has always stepped up and been able to provide what we needed to continue the growth of our operations and to increase efficiency."

Cambridge Springs, PA

000 Testimonial

Riverbend Building Supply

"The way they were willing to work with us on the prefabside of things and changing their design to make it work with us. I feel like it's been a great success for our business."

Carberry, Canada

000 Testimonial

US Housing Components

“Eagle is moving heaven and earth to get to where we need to be as a company.”

La Grange, KY

001 Testimonial


"Nice thing about Eagle is that they are truss people..."

Guadalupe, CA

Loredo Truss team

002 Testimonial

Loredo Truss

"Service is the only way to differentiate yourself in this industry. And service is our biggest thing..."

Austin, TX

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