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Maximizing Your Equipment Investment

Does this sound familiar? A truss fabricator makes the decision to invest in their business to increase capacity. They buy the latest and greatest automated saw, automated jigging system, or even a projection system. The new machinery is guaranteed to increase throughput versus what they are using today. Two months into the new equipment, throughput is equal to or only slightly improved.

April 2021

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Better Tools for Wall Panel Design- Part 1

Introducing the most advanced panel design software in decades. Truebuild® Layout with panel design functionality was written from the ground up by industry veterans and developed by the best in-house team in the industry. We listened to what you needed, and Panel designers now have complete model control and previously unavailable features at their fingertips.

March 2021

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Strategies for Reducing Employee Turnover

Employee turnover has become a very costly problem on the production side for component manufacturers. Between background checks, resources spent hiring & training, and lost productivity due to vacancies, the cost of turnover for a production worker piles up very quickly. In her article titled Stop The Churn, Dolly Penland offers the following tips for avoiding effects from employee turnover.

February 2021

TrueBuild Cloud

Sharing Information Without Constraint: Part 1

Our industry has always been heavily reliant on information and details from our customers. A common constraint for many truss fabricators across the country is the lack of accurate or timely information. In this issue and the next, we will explore how TrueBuild® Cloud solves these constraints.

January 2021

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