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Powerful layout tools that define the walls, roof, and floor components into a fully realized 3D model.

Control properties with Parametric Modeling Tools

In a parametric model, each entity has parameters associated with it. These parameters control the various geometric properties of the entity, such as the length, width and height. They also control the locations of these entities within the model.

Control high quality renderings in 2D and 3D

High quality 3D views in a completely customizable windows environment. Complete control to natively display 2D and 3D views on individual monitors, split side by side or stacked in any desired configuration.

TrueBuild® Layout Highlights

TrueBuild® Layout with Wall Panels.

From plans, to walls, to panels, and everything above. Introducing a new level of sophisticated design tools for component manufacturers, built from the ground up.

Learn About Wall Panels

Together, we’re raising the bar of what’s possible.


Import, trace and save .dwg and .dxf CAD files. Export 2D or 3D CAD files of layouts.


Select connections and visualize hangers in the 3D model and 2D plan view.

3D Labels

Quickly identify components in 3D with floating label identification.


Create plan notes and details that are parametrically connected to your model.

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"The way they were willing to work with us on the prefabside of things and changing their design to make it work with us. I feel like it's been a great success for our business."

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Capture profile and loading details directly from the Layout software or define and edit shapes designed from scratch.


Share 3D renderings of your designs in your customer’s browser.


Generate the cutting files required for automated saws and other automated production equipment as well as any printed paperwork that the component manufacturer wishes to generate.


Business management software to run your plant's daily operations and report on financial results from bids to orders to invoicing.


Projects are reviewed and returned quickly from our Engineering Department.

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