true build software suite

Truebuild integrates the entire component manufacturing process which results in less stress and gives you more time to build.

framing with connector plates

Sophisticated functionality. Simple to adopt.

Seamlessly integrated 3D structural modeling, production, management, and support for component manufacturers. Everything your business needs to grow backed by a support team that’s always in your corner.

Empowering great component manufacturers for over 30 years

Trailblazing tools allow you to create fully realized 3d models

Our powerful TrueBuild® Layout, now with wall panel support, packs a punch. Built to handle your layout projects from the ground up, with the most modern 3D tools and time-saving functionality.

TrueBuild layout software

Every aspect of the structure ready to view on any device

Quickly share awesome 3D renderings of your designs in your customer’s browser. Keep projects under budget and under control.

framing layout software

Upload truss designs to be sealed by professionals

This program sends the job to the Eagle engineering department for review and seal. You can track the status of your job in real time through your personal web portal on the Eagle customer site.

Run your plant’s daily operations with our management software

Complete cost detail breakdown and reporting for each component in every job to meet profit-focused production.

Increase saw production efficiency with custom controls

Generate the cutting files required for automated saws and other automated production equipment as well as any printed paperwork that you need to generate.

Build & define roof trusses effortlessly

Capture profile and loading details directly from the Layout software or define and edit shapes designed from scratch.

construction workers installing framing

Efficiently design & engineer building components for any project – no matter the size.

house framing installation

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