Better Tools for Wall Panel Design: PRO Multi-Family Tool

May 2021

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At Eagle Metal, our business was built on relationships. We pride ourselves in listening and responding to the needs of our customers. Having served the component industry for more than 30 years with high quality connector plates, structural design software, engineering services, and manufacturing equipment, our goal is to empower great component manufacturers. With our Truebuild® Software Suite, fabricators can utilize (and customize) six integrated platforms: Truebuild® Layout, Send4Seals, Truss, Management, Batch, and Cloud. And now, TrueBuild Layout just got better!

Introducing the most advanced panel design software in decades. Truebuild® Layout with panel design functionality was written from the ground up by industry veterans and developed by the best in-house team in the industry. We listened to what you needed, and Panel designers now have complete model control and previously unavailable features at their fingertips.

  • PRO Multi-Family Tool
  • Framing Assemblies in Parametric 3D
  • Break and Review in Parametric 3D
  • Job Edit
  • Bundling in Parametric 3D


In this installment, we are going to highlight the new PRO Multi Family Tool.

The PRO Multi Family Tool is an efficient and accurate way to combine individual models into a larger model and retain all parametric connections. In a multi-family example, a designer can create all the individual units of a project as separate models. Then when they are ready to start creating a model for a building, they can simply insert desired units into the master model to create the building.

multi family tool screenshot

Smart alignment tools allow for options such as offset, flip, and rotate while combining the separate units into the master model with precision.


multi family tool screenshot

Layer control is another time saving feature that has many benefits. Create multiple layers, copy layers, and even control visibility and select ability by layer.  These features all maintain parametric 3D visibility.

multi family tool screenshot

More than simple copy and paste, these units retain their connection to the master model. This means that when the contractor changes window suppliers and the rough opening specification changes by a fraction of an inch, the designer only needs to change the unit model. These changes will automatically be carried across the building model.

With the newest panel design platform available, Eagle Metal is continuing to show its dedication to the industry providing dependable, efficient, and effective design and engineering software solutions. Empowering great component manufacturers to build more.

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