Sharing Information Without Constraint: Part 1

January 2021

TrueBuild Cloud

Our industry has always been heavily reliant on information and details from our customers.  Sometimes a customer is a homeowner, building designer, an architect, or even an engineer.  A common constraint for many truss fabricators across the country is the lack of accurate or timely information.  When a truss fabricator is ready to send information back into the construction process channel for approvals, the methods for sharing can be tedious, time consuming, and generally difficult.  In this issue and the next, we will explore how TrueBuild® Cloud solves these constraints.

TrueBuild® Cloud offers an interactive viewport for truss and wall panel models.  The fabricator simply sends a link of the model via email.  That’s it.  No cumbersome apps, no version mess — only an internet connection is required.  If the user is an architect reviewing a detail question, a framer checking installation, or a homeowner getting a visualization of their ceiling, the process couldn’t be easier.

TrueBuild Mockup

Once the user has the model open, they have control over viewport options.  Options such as hiding layers, hiding sheathing and planes, and even suppressing labels.  Did I mention all of this without an app?  A true 3D model is able to be spun, flipped, zoomed, and flown through at your fingertips.  The saying tells us that a picture is worth a thousand words and this proves it.  As a truss fabricator, you don’t have to worry about changes to you model either.  The link you send is completely view-only.  The end user has no control over changes to your model or your truss drawings.

TrueBuild Framing mockup

A truss fabricator who uses TrueBuild® Cloud for all of his approvals recently stated, “It easily helps me close 15-20% more jobs by being able to show my customers exactly what they are going to get.”  We could all use a higher close rate for sure!

In our next issue, I will dive deeper into the functionality and show how user friendly TrueBuild® Cloud really is.  In the meantime, if you would like more information on this or any of our TrueBuild® software solutions, please contact us.  TrueBuild® by Eagle Metal.  Empowering Great Component Manufacturers

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