Strategies for Reducing Employee Turnover

February 2021

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Employee turnover has become a very costly problem on the production side for component manufacturers. Between background checks, resources spent hiring & training, and lost productivity due to vacancies, the cost of turnover for a production worker piles up very quickly. In her article titled Stop The Churn, Dolly Penland offers the following tips for avoiding effects from employee turnover.

Create Reality Based Job Expectations

Review your job descriptions, communicate the priority needs that each position should fill, and make sure that you are hiring candidates that fulfill the need and gaps in your company.

Augment Pay with Morale Boosting

The importance of positive company culture continues to grow. Involving employees at every level of the company in decisions and planning teams makes them feel heard and will reduce their desire to leave the company.

Assess to Tailor Onboarding & Training

Each employee is different, therefore one training structure doesn’t work for everyone- take this into account. Continue to reinforce expectations through regular training and employee development.

For more of Dolly Pendland’s suggestions for reducing employee turnover, see her full article, Stop The Churn, in SBC magazine here:

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