Better Tools for Optimizing Your Wall Panel Production

June 2021

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Our industry is continuously changing—there is no denying this fact. There is always a hot topic that gives birth to new buzzwords which gain popularity and begin trending. One of the latest examples is “Off Site Construction.” Everyone has heard it and, like many things in our industry, it takes on different meanings depending on the markets we serve or the services we provide. The root of the movement is increased efficiency—and this has been the core of the metal plate connected wood truss industry since its inception.

Whether you consider yourself a traditional structural building component manufacturer or you’d like to capitalize on the current off-site momentum, Eagle has the tools you need. Today, we’re highlighting one more way that the capabilities built into our software can drive efficiency in your wall panel production.

Having accurate wall panel bundling will save labor on the site. From specifying panel sequence, size, and orientation to creating forklift openings, TrueBuild® Layout with Panel Design has the solution. With the property grid and multiple display window docking options, you can easily create the view that works best for you.

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The property grid allows the user to assign maximum bundle height and length. The grid also provides control over the location and size of your forklift openings. Easily and quickly watch your bundle being created from either the panel list window or by selecting panels in the plan view.

bundling software

The property grid will also allow the user to edit the alignment of the panels in the bundle. Left, center, or right will give instant feedback in the bundling view window. All of this control plus a parametric 3D view gives you the efficient tools you need to completely optimize your bundles prior to production.

wall panel bundling software

Your design software should work as hard as you do. Our panel design software has been written from the ground up with tools that offer unprecedented control and efficiency. All of these tools are designed to help ensure that Truebuild® Layout with Panel Design, the most advanced panel design software to hit the market in decades, will provide your design team with complete model control and previously unavailable features at their fingertips.

As always, if you have any questions before, during, or after this series, please contact us via email or visit Let us empower you to build more.

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