Sharing Information Without Constraint: Part 2

July 2021

man with ipad using truebuild cloud

In a previous post, “Sharing Information Without Constraint: Part 1,” we explored the constraints around information sharing in today’s rapid-paced construction cycle. Material prices are high, interest rates are low, and business is booming. But, this rapid pace doesn’t change the tremendous volume of information that is required to be shared between multiple stakeholders in any construction project. Building on this conversation, we will explore a few more details on how TrueBuild® Cloud solves these constraints and speeds up this process for component manufacturers.

Once your complex model has been completed and you have your components ready for approval, what’s next? Historically, component fabricators would print reams of paper and send hard copies for approval. Then along came electronic communication, such as email and file sharing, which changed the way fabricators do business.  Even so, the reviewer still has to rely on their ability to translate 2D information into 3D visualization. With TrueBuild® Cloud, truss fabricators can give anyone access to their model without a nagging app. Any device with an internet connection can view, rotate, zoom, control layers, and even view profiles with complete control.

TrueBuild cloud rendering

As the graphics show, your ability to “peel back the layers” is unlimited. In effect, you can see the house “being built” in various stages. Inactive not static, this makes it even easier to communicate the details that set your work apart and highlight the nuances of your projects. And, it’s extremely user-friendly!

Easily open the component list, find the component to review, and the view will zoom to that component in the model. Users can even view a profile of the component while in the 3D viewport.

truebuild cloud rendering

TrueBuild® Cloud is also a valuable tool for assisting in placement for wall panel jobs. The ability to quickly and accurately identify an individual panel, wireless and paperless, while on a jobsite brings extreme value.

zoomed in rendering

If you fabricate components for homeowners, builders, general contractors, or even installation contractors, TrueBuild® Cloud will take your communication to the next level. There are enough constraints in your business day in and day out – don’t let the sharing of information outside your organization be one of them!

If you would like more information on this or any of our TrueBuild® software solutions, please contact us.  TrueBuild® by Eagle Metal. Empowering Great Component Manufacturers

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